Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Choose an Enhanced Support Plan and get weekly cPanel backups to an offsite location. For users with a vps server, weekly container backups are also included allowing you to restore your servers automatically.

On selected servers in France and Canada, claim up to 128 free ips. Select your subnet from the order page. One off fee of £3 /IP applies

All of our servers have a minimum of 100 mbps connections all the way up to a blazing fast 10 gbps burst. With 20TB of premium bandwidth. Perfect for streaming, gaming and hosting. Additional bandwidth is available.

Choose cPanel with your dedicated server and receive free cPanel setup and migration. Your server is delivered ready to work for you.

All of our dedicated servers can be pre installed with over fifteen Linux versions and seven Windows server versions. Remote enabled servers can be reinstalled from your control panel in the client area

No one likes being ripped off by setup fees. That’s why we will never charge you to setup a service. Even if you require custom hardware.

Our Advanced Dedicated Server Controls

You asked for it and we provided it! The features requested by you! See the full dedicated server remote control feature page for detailed information.

  • rDNS Configuration
  • Reboot, boot your server
  • Reinstall your server with over 100 OS packages
  • Monitor your server 24 hours a day with email alerts
  • Generate virtual mac addresses
  • Route ips to different servers
  • Load balance your servers
  • Boot your server in rescue mode
  • Customise your servers partitions


On any dedicated server located in Canada or France.

See all of our dedicated server plans

Search for your ideal dedicated server by selecting what type of hard drive you require or what connection speed the server should have

Included with all dedicated servers

DDOS Protection

  • Some features are location specific



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