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NVMe VPS Servers

An NVMe VPS is the go-to choice for server administrators that need extreme power, speed and reliability. Many companies use mSATA NVMe drives but this type of hardware still utilizes a cable to pass data from the drive to the server. Companies claim this is fast but that's incorrect. A true NVMe server utilizes the PCIe slots on the server's motherboard and does not require any cables. F2H NVMe instances only use the latest Intel E & AMD EPYC CPUs together with PCIe NVMe storage and DDR-4 EEC Ram. Couple that with a management panel that allows you to add and remove hardware like vCores and Ram automatically. Assign additional IPs to your instance or add and remove services like VPS Backups & VPS Snapshots. An F2H instance provides administrators with all of the tools they will ever need. AMD EPYC instances are available in the Canada and United Kingdom regions with up to 32 vCores.

The F2H NVMe VPS network spans multiple countries on multiple continents. Create instances in Germany, France, United Kingdom and the USA. With additional geographical IP locations in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Netherlands and the Chez Republic. With advanced management of your instances using our in-house hypervisor discovery, you can network servers together using our isolated private network. Take instant snapshots of instances and instantly restore them. Automatically configure networking for additional IPs and subnets . F2H provides server managers with all of the tools required to manage your instances.