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Whoa, That's faster than a speeding ticket!

That's also how long our NVMe Web Hosting took to load this page. Refresh the page to see the difference with caching. Do you want a supercharged website like this? Guaranteed to be faster than your slow current host.

Cloud NVMe Web Hosting

Secure Website Hosting, Bursting With Features

Secure your website and data in the F2H Cloud. Cloud NVMe Web Hosting with triple redundant hard drives and daily backups, multiple PHP versions, ImunifyAV+, website caching, Cloudflare, and instant software installs. Using cPanel manage every aspect of your website from email creation to sub-domain management. Instant setup and downtime free migrations by our experts.

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Cloud NVMe Reseller Web Hosting

Secure Reseller Website Hosting With Private IPs

Resell our Whitelabel Cloud NVMe Hosting to your customers with Cloud NVMe Reseller Web Hosting. Resellers are assigned private IPs to host your accounts on, segregating them from other accounts on the network. Your customers gain all of our Cloud Web Hosting features like Jetbackup, ImunifyAV+, Softaculous, website caching and native Cloudflare support. We can migrate your existing accounts to the network without any downtime and for free.

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NVMe VPS Servers

Our PCIe NVMe VPS Servers will blow your existing VPS Server out of the water

First2Host Virtuozzo VPS Servers and KVM VPS Servers are powered by the latest Intel E CPUs and PCIe storage. Our host nodes are overclocked and water-cooled making them faster than any SATA, SSD or SAS VPS Server. With impeccable reliability, responsive support and the ability to use a maximum of 64 IPs from 14 countries allowing you to host content in multiple locations from one server. Perfect for proxies, database hosting and application hosting.

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Managed cPanel NVMe VPS Servers

Let us take care of the cPanel server management whilst you concentrate on selling

Small businesses choose First2Host to manage their cPanel VPS Server leaving them free to support their customers. Each month we perform updates and send a monthly report to customers confirming the work that was completed in the cPanel server. We respond quickly to any problems you might report and because our managed cPanel VPS Servers are powered by our state of the art NVMe VPS network your websites will load instantly. With 14 IP locations to choose from and free cPanel License, free Jetbackup license, free KernelCare license, free Softaculous license, free Let's Encrypt license and Cloudflare plugins.

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Windows VPS Desktops

Access all of your files from any location using almost any device by using an NVMe Windows Desktop

Connect to your desktop from any smartphone, tablet or another desktop. Work from a beach, work from your office, work from your home. Your files are accessible from anywhere in the world and with remote printing, you can print documents remotely and, they will be in your office when you return. First2Host Windows Desktops are powered by our NVMe VPS Network running PCIe storage and secured with 200TB DDoS Protection. All plans include a Windows license.

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Why should you use NVMe Storage?

In the year 2003, SATA storage or, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment was introduced. It was slow compared to SSD but offered fantastic stability, long life spans and was available in many capacities. SATA storage used the SATA port on a motherboard to connect the drive to the computer or server. But let's rewind a bit. SSD storage or solid-state drive was developed in 1973. That's not a typo. Over 43 years ago and today in 2021 most Web Host's use this type of storage and claim it's fast. Granted, it's faster than SATA storage but it's old, not particularly reliable and has limited capacity.

Ten years ago in 2011, NVMe storage was developed. It used no cables, was around ten times faster than an SSD and was extremely reliable. It was easy to manufacture in multiple capacities and because most modern motherboards are manufactured with PCIe slots, it was easily adaptable. Still, Web Hosts have been slow to adopt the technology choosing to stick with obsolete SSD storage or opting for the slower mSATA NVMe which still uses cables.

PCIe NVMe Storage VS

SATA Storage
70% Faster
SSD Storage
40% Faster
SAS Storage
35% Faster

By using no cables and instead, a direct connection to the server plus utilizing overclocked CPUs and Memory First2Host can provide an exceptionally powerful Web Hosting and VPS Hosting service that's perfect for eCommerce Hosting, Database Hosting, cPanel Hosting, DirectAdmin Hosting with a wide appeal.

Are you ready for NVMe speeds?