WHMCS Secure Credentials

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WHMCS Secure Credentials

Current Version 1.3 | Changelog

WHMCS provides many features but one missing from the default software is a way for users to provide you with login information in a secure manner. By default, there is no encryption for users who paste passwords into tickets, this means password information is displayed in plain text and anyone could see this information. If your users WHMCS account is compromised so could their service account like their website and this could be disastrous for your users. Likewise, should an admin account be compromised with the password being displayed in plain text that could also lead to your users being compromised so why risk it?

By using WHMCS Secure Credentials this will provide your users with a secure area to store credentials allowing your support team to access this information in a secure manner. Users can share details as soon as a ticket is submitted, they can update credentials and remove credentials directly from their client areas.

Once a support ticket is marked as closed all password information is removed from the database. Your support team can choose to import credentials to any ticket meaning they now do not need to save or write down any passwords anywhere. Total security!

Install Instructions

WHMCS Secure Credentials Overview:

Add Credentials To Tickets

Update Credentials

Remove Credentials

Search Via Ticket Number

Text Can Be Edited

Add FTP and SSH Information

Add cPanel and .htaccess Information

Fully Encrypted

Easy Template Changes

Free Updates

Add Some Professionalism To Your Support Process

If you are using that module that provides a text box below the ticket replies box in WHMCS then Secure Credentials is for you! Whilst this was fine a few years ago it's not professional at all. Your customers need to feel confident in supplying their credentials to you and WHMCS Secure Credentials provides this.

By using a WHMCS.com style area for your users to submit login information you make the process of sharing important details with your support team easy with a sleek design that can be customized to suit your needs.

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Monthly or Yearly License, Both With Free Updates

Choose a monthly or owned license and get free updates on both packages. You can see what is coming up in the next version of WHMCS Secure Credentials on the roadmap below. These are features we are currently working to add to the software.

Free Version Upgrades


Free Version Upgrades