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VPS Template Creation Creation Service.

Setting up a network of servers can be a mundane task. Lot's of server administrators like to setup duplicate servers. Administrators do this for a range of reasons from load balancing to content distribution. To aid in these tasks we can create custom virtual server templates which you can use to install onto other VPS servers.

You first create the VPS server you want to duplicate to other VPS servers then, order our template creation service. We will copy all of the data on the VPS and package it up into an operating system which is then stored in your account. Customers can then order more VPS servers and reinstall the new servers with the created Operating System. When you log in all of the data is exactly the same as the first server. This saves duplicating the work to many other VPS servers saving you time and money.

Our template creation service can be ordered on any Virtuozzo VPS server or KVM VPS server and usually takes around 24 hours. For any questions please contact our sales team.

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VPS Template Creation

  • Virtuozzo VPS
  • Package Data
  • Convert TO OS
  • Upload To Account
VPS Template Creation requires multiple reboots. Some downtime will be seen when we create your template. Our support team will be in touch to arrange a time to perform the required work to suit you.

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