Coming Soon - Internal Networking

With internal networking, you can backup data from your F2H instance over our internal network so your backups are never exposed to the outside world.

Secure Storage Server

Secure Storage Servers

To secure your data, you can use a secure storage server to backup information too. F2H storage servers allow protocols like NFS, CIFS, Rsync and FTP allowing you the flexibility to adapt a storage instance to your requirements. Mount the resources using NFS to see your storage server as an additional hard drive or simply back up data to it using FTP or Rsync. Access to storage servers is available from your control panel using our xTerm or NoVNC consoles allowing you to deploy and configure your requested environment.

You can deploy your storage server preconfigured with an Operating System and follow our easy step-by-step guides to get started fast. For data security, all connections to storage instances are monitored and filtered. Only NFS, CIFS, Rsync and FTP connections are allowed to reach your storage server. To further increase security, you can choose to whitelist IPs that are allowed to connect to your storage and reject all other connections. Storage servers are provisioned with 1 IPv4 address.