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Shoutcast SSD Web Hosting

Shoutcast will allow you to upload and stream media to online listeners effectively creating your own online radio station. With AutoDJ enabled as standard which allows you to mix music like a pro, add adverts (links) between songs and give access to other users so they can log in and host radio station slots.

Stream your radio station on any device including Desktop PCs, Mobile devices, Laptops, Tablets and even smart watches. Queue songs up in the playlist to automatically mix your music through the night without any need of getting involved. Your music playlist will play on a loop or in a "shuffle" format. With a maximum bitrate of 320 and a standard bitrate of 128 your station can stream at High Definition rates.

Main Features:

SSD Storage

Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 CPUs

10 GBPS Internet Connections

AutoDJ Enabled

Shoutcast V2

Icecast v2 In Development

Standard Bitrate of 128 BPS

Shoutcast VPS Server With cPanel

Get 150 GB of storage space, 4x Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 vCores, 4 GB Ram and a 250MBPS connection with 2 IPs and a free cPanel and Shoutcast license. Includes setup and migrations into your new Shoutcast VPS with a software firewall and custom SSH port configured.

Shoutcast VPS Server Offer


Shoutcast Hosting

Shoutcast Web Hosting


First Month Free

10 GB SSD Space

1 TB Bandwidth

1 MySQL Database

1 Sub-Domain

5 Email Accounts

1 Radio Station

Maximum 50 Listners

128 Bitrate

AutoDJ Enabled

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Shoutcast Hosting

Shoutcast Web Hosting


First Month Free

50 GB SSD Space

2 TB Bandwidth

5 MySQL Database

5 Sub-Domain

10 Email Accounts

1 Radio Station

Maximum 100 Listners

224 Bitrate (HD Quality)

AutoDJ Enabled

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Shoutcast Reseller

Resell Shoutcast Stations



100 GB SSD Space

20 Radio Stations

Maximum 100 Listners Per Station

224 Bitrate (HD Quality)

AutoDJ Enabled

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Your station, any location, any device...

Once setup your station can be streamed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Use the built in Shoutcast players to stream your music to your website or use any Shoutcast application on Android and iOS to connect your tablet or mobile device to your station.

Choose our Reseller option to sell or host multiple online Shoutcast stations from a single account allowing users to dial in to each station.

First2Host Shoutcast Web Hosting Has Some Great Benefits...

We won't charge you extra for those important additional features like AutoDJ or even a decent Bitrate. Our Shoutcast Web Hosting and Shoutcast Reseller accounts come packed with all the standard features of Shoutcast at no extra cost.

AutoDJ Enabled

AutoDJ Will mix your music for you automatically fading in songs and fading out songs. You set the duration of the mix and away you go. Included on all plans.

Fully Responsive

Use our Shared plans to host a responsive website powered by SSD storage and stream your content to that website for your visitors to enjoy.

Xeon E5-2630v3 Servers

Our servers are all the same. All carry 29 Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 vCores, Expandable memory and 10 GBPS connections to the internet. With impeccable reliability.

cPanel & Shoutcast V2

By using cPanel and WHMsonic you have access to a powerful control panel to host your website and Shoutcast V2 with Icecast on the way which will be includes when released!