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Monthly Reports

Our SEO team will upload a report to your client area every month so you can track your progress


On-Site SEO

In month two we can provide content to add to your website to assist with your seo and rankings


IP Location

We will assign you an IP geographically located in the country that is right for you. This IP is unique and private to you


Backlink Mixture

We provide multiple backlinks from social to articles to wiki and forum links. Ratio is important and tailored to your requirements


Tailored Anchors

We use a specific ratio of anchor links to keywords which won't harm any of your rankings but will increase them.


Includes Hosting

We will hosting your website providing you with all of the technical tools needed to increase your rankings

750 Backlinks Per Month

Anyone can buy backlinks but, when you buy backlinks from the mainstream sites they don't care what sites they are placed on, usually these sites have a negative TF/CF and a poor DA score which will only harm your rankings. We place 750 backlinks every month (about 25 a day) across our network of 900 unique high DA/TF/CF sites. We're constantly building new, informative websites each with unique IPs and in different subnets then, nurturing each one to develop them into authoritative portals for Google to look up to. We then force Google to recognise these backlinks using our rapid indexer. Each backlink is packaged into a short URL then pinged from multiple locations ensuring that Google will find all of your backlinks and that each backlink really does help your search engine rankings


Geographic Website IP Addresses

Think about this. If your website is selling, for example, a service like window cleaning or, computer repairs then it stands to reason that you're going to want to do well in your local search engine results, your home country. If you live in the UK there would be absolutely no point in ranking well on the .com version of Google because it's not likely you're going to travel to the USA to repair a PC or clean some Windows. Google automatically sends visitors to the correct version of search results for them. We can place websites in 14 locations around the world specifically targeting the correct version of Google for your website to rank well.

SSD Servers + Mod_PageSpeed and a CDN

Page_speed is also critical to gaining great search engine rankings. A combination of SSD drives optimised web servers and content delivery can help you shave valuable seconds off your website loading times. By using our SEO optimised hosting or virtual servers you can get a page loading speed of under two seconds just like us. This will help you see ranking increases in as little as 48 hours. Increase your rankings further with CloudFlare. First2Host act as an official partner of CloudFlare and by using their CDN you can deliver your website from the closest servers to your customers. Automatic CloudFlare setup in two clicks is included in our SEO Web Hosting


On-Site SEO To Optimise Your Content

Having the correct backlinks and locating your website in the correct country is only part of the battle. Optimising your website for your niche and optimising your content for your keywords are also important. In month two our SEO team will deliver great content for you to place on your website to further increase your website rankings. Remember, this is a gradual process and your rankings will increase over a period of time slow and steady wins the SEO race.

Here's The Proof To Backup Our Claims

By using our SEO strategy over a period of time our SEO team have helped increase our rankings. In the past 60% of our new business came from recommendations from current customers telling their friends, family and business partners about us. Now in 2017 over 60% of our new business comes from search engine referrals and 40% from current customer recommendations. This is due to ranking increases for keywords directly related to the products we sell. In under a year, we have 72 keywords in the top 10 and 17 in the top 3. The full report can be downloaded here. A report is provided for you every month in your client area. When reading the report take notice of the rankings that we didn't have, these are marked as grey squares and the green squares to the right show the rankings we have gained.

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