Coming Soon - Internal Networking

With internal networking, you can backup data from your F2H instance over our internal network so your backups are never exposed to the outside world.

Secure Storage Server

Network Attached Storage Servers

Network-Attached Storage Servers are used in many scenarios but, the most popular use is to expand the space available in your F2H dedicated server. If you have used the available space in your dedicated server you could purchase a larger server. This is troublesome because you must migrate data from one server to another which is often time-consuming and also means an IP change. With NAS you can mount the storage as an additional hard drive to instantly increase the capacity of your server. You can order a Network-Attached Storage Server and attach it to any dedicated server in London, Paris or Montreal. You can also attach NAS storage to any VPS instance in the same locations. You can use the NFS and CIFS protocols to mount your network storage.

High Availability

Your NAS storage is guaranteed to be highly available by utilizing RAID 1 and RAID 10. Each NAS service utilizes its own disk. This keeps latency low. On 3TB NAS services RAID 1 is used. On larger services RAID 10 is used to improve performance. If an outage is detected your storage automatically switches to it's backup whilst we work to resolve any problems for you. Every hour a snapshot of your NAS is taken and each 24 hours a backup of your NAS is taken and stored offsite.

Use Case - F2Hcloud

In 2021, F2H wanted to provide redundancy on it's shared hosting network. cPanel cannot distribute content to redundant servers so we turned to NAS storage. We created servers with NAS storage and installed cPanel to that storage. This means we can detach and reattach the storage to differnet servers in the event of an outage. By modifying our monitoring system we were able to code a function that rerouted the servers IP addresses to redundant servers with the NAS storage attached providing automatic failover. Until cPanel introduces high avaliability this is a reletivly easy way to provide high avaliability and cut's out the need to use a special network configuation like CEPH.

Order Network-Attached Storage

You cannot currently connect network storage to services with other providers. You can only mount the storage in a server behind an F2H IP. On the order page you can configure your storage and set paritions. The support team can set your storage up for free if you order this at checkout. You can open a sales ticket with our sales team should you need assistance.

NAS Storage Server

Preconfigured Firewall | Public IP | High Capacity SSD | Hourly/Daily Backups
  • SAS SSD Disks
  • 3TB to 36TB
  • Unlimited Paritions
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 1 IPv4
  • Automatic Failover
  • High Availability

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