Automatic Database Failover

With high availability, your database is online even in the event of a disaster. In the event of a database or other failure, connections are automatically routed to your backup database.

Managed MySQL Database Hosting

Managed MySQL Database Hosting

Databases tend to hold sensitive information. By their very nature, a database is always the target of a malicious user. Databases store customers details, payment methods, credit card numbers and a host of other personal information. Many times we see businesses announcing data leaks and this causes damage to the business and brand. When using cPanel to host websites, the database for the website is hosted on the same server. This can pose some security concerns and, a Managed MySQL Database server can address these.

Using programs like WordPress you rely on "plugins" and "themes". These pieces of software are maintained by an external user or company and you cannot guarantee the quality of coding in that piece of software. Often these sites are compromised with Malware and because the database is stored in the same account. The data is also compromised. A managed remote MySQL database server can also help with busy websites. By connecting your website to a private MySQL server, you can offload all of the processing costs of your database to the database server. This increases the performance of your website as well as the security.

Private or Public Database IPs

F2H can help you in both areas. Our Managed MySQL servers are managed by our support team and hosting in your choice of location. They are fully secured against intrusion and powered by our NVMe network. During signup, you provide your websites IP, we provide you with database usernames and passwords. Should you need to, you can provide a database dump for the support team to import to your databases. Backups of your managed MySQL databases are taken every hour and can be restored in seconds. Customers who already run an NVMe VPS Server or cPanel NVMe VPS Server who order this service can opt to have their database server located on the F2H internal network. Instead of connecting to your database server over a public IPv4 address, we can issue you with a private 10.10.10.x IP address to connect to. Further increasing your data security.

High Availability With Automatic Failover

Our standard MySQL database hosting provides at least 99% uptime and should be suitable for most situations. Sometimes you may need redundancy. With high availability, in the event of a network, equipment or software failure connections to your database are routed to a backup node and database automatically. As you add new data to your database, that data is transferred to your backup database. High availability is optional and available in the United Kingdom, Canadian and German regions.