Linux VPS Servers

VPS servers are great for bridging the gap between shared hosting and a dedicated server. With full root access our cheap vps servers are designed to work for you. From a single core right up to twenty theres a plan for every project. Choose a new ssd based server and receive a 6 gbps solid state drive allocation. Speed up delivery of your website by up to 20% as opposed to conventional hard drive. We’re on live chat to help you decide which vps server is right for you.

From a single core cheap vps to a thirty two vCore vps server. Virtual servers are perfect for new start businesses, people upgrading from shared hosting or for people who want complete control over their website

We only use Enterprise grade hard drives in our vps server nodes. Enterprise hard drives offer greater stability and improved speeds over desktop hard drives which some of our competitors use

Choose over 10 Linux versions to base your vps server on. If you purchase a kvm based server you can also choose  from a range of desktop versions for Linux. Deploy any OS direct from your control panel

Choose cPanel to manage your cheap vps server. With a user interface to manage the back-end of the vps server and an easy to use control panel to manage your websites we can install and setup this for free. We also install a firewall and change you’re ssh port for added security

Choose to take a snapshot of your server each week and then store it on an offsite server. Easily restore your backups from your vps control panel. If you have a cPanel vps you can also take individual account backups

From 100 MBPS to 1 GBPS we don’t throttle vps server connections and we never oversubscribe our nodes, this ensures you receive the speed you pay for. Use between 5TB and 10TB of bandwidth at no extra costs

Our new control panel is here on all Intel Haswell vps servers

Now active on all Core Haswell virtual servers in Canada and France our new control panel. Perform almost any task without any assistance from us saving you time. Just search for your ideal virtual server below and look out for the RC/V2 servers which have the new control panel. You can purchase up to an additional 200 GB of space and 16 additional IPs located in over 14 countries including the UK, Spain, Poland, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic.

Double VPS resources




  • Linux core and desktop versions
  • Intel Xeon E5-2630/V3 CPUs
  • IPv4 & IPv6 ready
  • Control panel
  • Client area remote controls
  • Located in Canada, France or USA
  • 100% uptime
  • C Class SEO IPs in Canada
  • Claim a free /30 subnet


  • Linux core
  • Intel Xeon E3-1245/V2 CPUs
  • IPv4 ready
  • Control panel
  • Client area remote controls
  • Located in Germany
  • 100% uptime

Find your perfect vps server, search by location or speed to get started

VPS Remote Controls
Unlimited Bandwidth
DDOS Protection
  • Uptime is recorded from the first day of each year till the last day of each year

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Order any virtual server in Germany priced above £3 /month and receive double the server resources your ordered. Each code is valid for 24 hours and your doubled up resources are yours to keep. Got cPanel? buy license when you order your virtual server to receive free setup and migrations in to your new doubled up server.

  • Double CPU cores
  • Double ram
  • Double space
  • Double the speed
  • Over 20 os choices
  • Remote controls
  • Free cPanel setup and migrations
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