Server Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking

Free Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking with all Dedicated and VPS Servers

Track your additional IPs for inclusion in the major RBL blacklists and get notified instantly by email and SMS message if your IPs are ever blacklisted. Monitor your servers Heartbeat and get alerted if your server is ever offline. Just add free monitoring on the order page to claim your Blacklist & Heartbeat tracking.

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Track your servers Heartbeat & Monitor your IPs for Blacklist entries

Here at First2Host, we know how important it is to have your services online and working for you all of the time. When your services are offline your losing money and your customers are getting frustrated. A number of things could happen to your services which means you could suffer an outage and, we're not talking about things that we, as a Web Hosting provider can control. If your VPS Server suffers a problem whilst updating overnight which forces your services offline you're going to want to know about it and that's why we have introduced our new Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking service.

The Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking service comprises of two main areas of focus the first being your servers connection to the outside world. We call this your servers Heartbeat. This service will monitor your connection and send a ping request every 60 seconds or 5 minutes. Should a response not be received from your server we will let you know that your server is offline.

The next area of focus is your IP health, you know how important it is that your emails are received by your customers and we call this Blacklist Tracking. Here we will search all the major RBL Blacklists for an entry for your IP(s) and if we find one we will notify you right away so you can apply to have the Blacklist removed. This will help prevent email deliverability issues.

Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking Overview:

Monitor Multiple Protocals


Monitor Custom Ports

Email and SMS Alerts

60 Second or 5 minute Monitors

24 Hour Blacklist Checks

Maintenance Schedule

Weekly Email Reports

Instant Plan Upgrades

Advanced Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking

Monitor 20 IPs for a Heartbeat every 60 seconds and monitor up-to 20 IPs every hour of every day for inclusion in the major Blacklist RBLs. Get notified with 20 free SMS credits if a service ever goes offline. Includes integrated SolusVM Master and Slave monitoring and custom service schedules.

Advanced Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking

Heartbeat & Blacklist Tracking - Plans and Prices

Plan Name Server IP Monitors Blacklist Monitors Ping Frequency SMS Credits Custom Ports SolusVM Monitor Public Reporting Monthly (£) Order
Free Monitoring One One Five Minutes One Free* Order
Blacklist Check N/A Twenty Sixty Minutes Five £2.95 Order
Basic Monitoring Ten Ten Five Minutes Five £5.95 Order
Advanced Monitoring Twenty Twenty Sixty Seconds Twenty £14.95 Order
* Free plan provided to First2Host customers who have either a VPS or Dedicated server on the network. Request the free plan via the available addons page inside your client area.

Prevent Email Deliverability Issues With Spam Blacklist Monitoring

Automated your RBL checks and monitor the health of your IP reputation with our Spam Blacklist package. Check over fifty RBL blacklists for the IPs you are monitoring and get notified within an hour of them being added to an RBL allowing for easy removal of any blacklists and preventing email deliverability issues.

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