Free cPanel License on all cPanel VPS Servers

Let's Track Your Heartbeat Together

Free on all VPS Server plans and Dedicated servers plans our new Blacklist and Heartbeat monitoring system. Monitor your servers Heartbeat and get notified instantly by Email and SMS messages if your server is ever offline. Track your additional IPs in the major RBL blacklists enabling you to delist them in seconds preventing email deliverability issues.

Free cPanel License On All cPanel VPS Server Plans

Millions and millions of servers around the world use cPanel to manage their VPS Servers. cPanel, the most popular control panel in the world offers a graphical interface to perform tasks on your server. cPanel is made up of two programs. WHM which is used to manage the backend of the server and cPanel which is used to manage websites frontend. The only limitation when adding accounts to cPanel is the resources your server has. A typical cPanel VPS server will host multiple sites depending on their size. Larger servers will host thousands of websites.

The storage type your cPanel VPS uses is probably the most important component of the server. This will determine how fast your cPanel VPS will load websites and how responsive it is to commands. Typically, SATA servers respond the slowest and are therefore the cheapest. Next, SSD storage is regarded as a good midpoint offering fast loading speeds and quick responses to queries but have a limited lifespan. Finally, NVMe, a relatively new storage option provides the fastest possible speeds and is also the most expensive type of storage available.

When you purchase a cPanel VPS Server from First2Host we include free setup of your server which includes full configuration, a software firewall, custom ssh port and of course, a free cPanel solo license. We can also migrate any accounts you have in either a Reseller Account or another cPanel server to your cPanel VPS with us! Migrations take a maximum of 24 hours to complete and in most cases, we can do this without any downtime to your existing users. Choose a plan below to get started. If you need to host more acounts that one, you can upgrade the cPanel license on the order page.

cPanel VPS Overview:

Xeon E-2136 Nodes

SnapShot Backups

Client Area Remote Controls

Offsite Seperate Control Panel

NVMe Virtuozzo or KVM SATA

High Performance, Impeccable Reliability

Geographical IPs on Virtuozzo Servers

Optional Enhanced Support

30 Days Free Enhanced Support

Free cPanel solo License On Every Plan

Increase your avaliable resources with our new Resource Packs

Resource packs allow you to purchase additional resources for your cPanel server instead of purchasing individual resources like Ram and Space. Our resource packs, starting from £10.00 per month include Space, Ram, vCores Bandwidth and in some cases additional IPs and a better connection speed. Resource packs are flexible, you can add and remove them at any point. Attach a resource pack to your order on the order page.

Choose Your cPanel VPS Server

Virtualization vCore(s) Frequency Ram Hard Drive Assigned IPs Bandwidth
& Speed
Location Monthly (£) Order
Virtuozzo cPanel VPS ServerFree cPanel License 4x E-2136 3.8 GHz 4 GB
200 GB
4 IPv4
4 IPv6
100 MBPS
14 IP
£39.99 Configure
KVM cPanel VPS ServerFree cPanel License 4x E5-2630v3 2.4 GHz 4 GB
200 GB
4 IPv4
4 IPv6
250 MBPS
£39.95 Configure
Virtuozzo VPS ServerFree cPanel License 8x E-2136 3.8 GHz 8 GB
350 GB
8 IPv4
8 IPv6
500 MBPS
14 IP
£59.99 Configure

Free cPanel Solo License On every cPanel VPS. Add further resources to any cPanel VPS by attching resource packs on the order page! Choose up to 32 IPs per cPanel VPS Server with 14 different locations for Virtuozzo VPS Servers and IPs in North America for cPanel KVM VPS Servers. Additional IPs are assigned Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM. The current date and time is Monday, 19 August 2019, 05:33 AM.

Have You Considered DirectAdmin?

Since cPanel changed to account-based licensing a number of users have been priced out of the software. Lot's of users are now turning to DirectAdmin. We are including free DirectAdmin setup for all of our customers. Check out our plans.

Cheap cPanel VPS Servers. Stable VPS Network. Unbeatable Performance

We're running Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 and Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 VPS nodes with Dual CPUs and redundant power supplies. Our VPS service is never oversubscribed and it's impossible for a single user to consume all of the resources on any of our VPS node. With dual on-site and off-site VPS Control panels with the ability to mount your own custom OS images and desktop images on KVM VPS Servers you won't find the features we offer with any other VPS provider. Compliment your cPanel VPS Server with a range of advanced add-ons like additional IPs located in different countries allowing you to host content is different locations. Attach our Enhanced Support plan to any cPanel VPS for expert support when you really need it.

Great cPanel VPS Features, Included For Everyone

Multiple OS Options

Multiple OS Options

We use the very latest releases like CentOS 7, compiled with cPanel to get you setup in seconds. Choose Mod_PageSpeed for instant Google PageSpeed Setup.

Custom .iso

Free WHMXtra

Included with all free cPanel Licenses is WHMxtra. Compliment your WHM interface with over 50 extra tools to help you manage your cPanel VPS.

Linux KVM Desktop

Setup Assist

Get our Enhanced Support free for the first 30 days. We can migrate accounts to your cPanel VPS and ensure everything is running smoothly. during the free period.

Whois Entry

WHOIS Entries

Buying an IP block? We can change the WHOIS information to make you the WHOIS contact for your IP block. Great for Web Hosts using our cPanel VPS Servers.

Questions Before Ordering?

You can now contact our sales team via Live Chat and WhatsApp. Send us a WhatsApp message to +44 7451 243029 or via the shortlink for expert help and advise on our products and services.