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First2Host Boost. Boooooooost. Virtuozzo VPS Optimization

First2Host Boost is our new service that further optimizes your Virtuozzo VPS Server to provide enhanced CPU time, enhanced CPU units and enhanced I/O priority. First2Host Boost is designed for users who have busy websites. For example, you might run a shared web hosting server that is processing a lot of requests and you want these requests to be serviced faster by the host node or you may have a YouTube style website that is servicing thousands of users at one time delivering media content to end-users. First2Host Boost is designed for users who already have a server on the network for at least 30 days.

When you order First2Host Boost we will analyze your previous month's usage statistics and perform benchmark tests to determine if your server would benefit from the service. If your server is compatible we can make changes to the default settings to increase the server's responsiveness. Only one Virtuozzo VPS per host node can use this service. If another user on the same host node is already using First2Host Boost your VPS will need to be migrated to a different host node or you won't be able to use the service.

I/O Priority

The I/O priority is the priority at which the host node services requests from your VPS server. By default, all VPS servers on the network are assigned the same priority. With First2Host Boost, requests from your server are serviced before any other servers on the host node.

CPU Units

The CPU units is a positive integer number that defines how much CPU time one VPS Server will receive in comparison with the other VPS Servers on the host node. The CPU units are increased to levels above all other VPS servers.

CPU Percentage

The CPU percentage defines how much CPU power each server receives. By default and because we already run an optimized service each server on the network is assigned 400%. With First2Host Boost, we further optimize your CPU power and increase it to 1200%.

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First2Host Boost - Server Optimization

  • Pre Benchmark Tests
  • Post Benchmark Tests
  • CPU Tuning
  • NIC Tuning
  • I/O Tuning
VPS Optimization requires multiple reboots. Some downtime will be seen when we optimize your server. Our support team will be in touch to arrange a time to perform the required work to suit you.

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