How to update IonCube Loader

How to update IonCube Loader to the latest version

You can use this handy little script to update your IonCube Loader to the latest version. Simply log in to your server as the root user or a user with root privileges and execute the commands below. The script will try to automatically find all the relevant locations for the update.

wget -O



update IonCube Loader

Remember, if your dedicated server or virtual server uses software like cPanel it’s possible cPanel will overwrite your newly install IonCube loader files with an older version of the software. To prevent this from happening First2Host advise you set your cPanel server to only update when you manually request it too. This will stop IonCube loader from being downgraded until cPanel or any other such programs that you use update to the newer version.

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How to update IonCube Loader
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