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One of the questions we get asked a lot is why don’t we have any physical uk dedicated servers. Sure, we can route uk based ips to your server in Canada, or Miami to make it appear like that server is in the uk but why not actual servers? The answer is weird! In the uk it appears our infrastructure is not designed for dedicated servers, I can reel off 10 data centre providers in the uk I have approached over two years and none of them can provide the resources we require. Often the absolute deal killer is a 100mbps internet connection. Max! our customers need faster speeds with great connectivity to all the major countries around the world and the uk just can’t offer us that. Or should I say in the past it couldn’t but soon it will.

I can confirm, last week 16th February 2017 First2Host signed a contract to house 100 dedicated servers in a data centre in London with delivery expected later this year. We also agreed to take 200 dedicated servers in addition to the 100 we have already committed to in 2018/2019 with further scope to increase that to 500 dedicated servers in 2020.

Directly connected to the European Union, Canada and the United States with maximum connections of 10gbps these will be new model servers from our 2017/2018 range which is to be released later this year. We don’t have actual specifications as of yet as we are still deciding on the best hardware to purchase but we can guarantee a full Xeon range will be available as in all of our locations and the full DSCP will also be available.

When we can confirm further details we will but this is great news for First2Host and all of our customers.


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UK Dedicated Servers
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