How to setup and manage a cPanel WebDisk account

How to set up and manage a cPanel WebDisk account

cPanel has the ability to create WebDisk accounts which allow users to upload and share files with other authorized users. Users can then add the WebDisk location to multiple devices like mobile and tablets and desktop computers. This offers an easy way to upload and share files with other users. When adding a WebDisk account to a desktop pc you can simply drag and drop files which will be placed in the shared WebDisk for other users to view and download.

Create cPanel WebDisk

Create a cPanel WebDisk Account

To setup, your WebDisk account first log in to cPanel and click “WebDisk” the above page will load. Fill out the required details.

  1. The username you will use to log in, this also becomes the default folder where your documents will be stored. You can change this in field 3
  2. Your password to login
  3. The location and folder to store documents. For added security, you can change this to anything you like. The folder will be created in the public_html folder.
  4. If you want users to have the ability to upload documents to your WebDisk choose read/write otherwise choose read-only



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Once created you’re ready to add your WebDisk to your desktop, pc or tablet. We’re just going to show you how to add your WebDisk to a Windows 10 pc but, you can use a number of apps to add your cPanel WebDisk to any tablet or mobile device you may have allowed you access to your files from anywhere in the world.

Add WebDisk to Windows 10

Open up a new folder by clicking the folder icon and then on the left-hand side right click on “my computer” and then click “Add a network place”

All that’s left to do is to fill out the fields with the values you create in your cPanel account for the host you can either use the domain name your WebDisk is on, in our example or the IP address of the domain in question. Remember your username must be in the format of,




Once complete your WebDisk is ready to be used. You can share the login details with other people you want to have access to the shared disk.




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How to setup and manage a cPanel WebDisk account
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