Notice of intention to upgrade service (OpenVZ Network)

Notice of intention to upgrade service (OpenVZ Network)

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be performing network and equipment upgrades which will affect all OpenVZ servers. Currently, our OpenVZ network uses Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 servers and it’s time our users of this service were upgraded. We’re doing this because we are retiring all Intel Xeon E3 VPS servers from our network. Users of our KVM network have already benefitted from a network and server upgrade so now we need to focus on our OpenVZ customers.

So, what’s going to change?

If you have an E3 VPS server running OpenVZ in Germany, France, Canada or the USA then you will receive an automatic upgrade. It may be possible to take your current IP addresses with you to your new server in most circumstances but, this will mean a couple of minutes’ downtime whilst the routing of the IP block is switched over. We can only route whole IP blocks so, we will have to perform this node by node and not server by server if you want to keep your current IP addresses.

What are you moving me too?

We are not going to upgrade you to the new type E3 servers, instead, we are going to skip the E3 range and provide everyone with E5-2630v3 servers which are almost four times as powerful as to what our OpenVZ nodes are running at the moment. We’re also fitting these out with 1TB of SSD space which will allow us to offer SSD virtual servers running OpenVZ going forward. The maximum speed available on these will be 1 GBPS. This brings our OpenVZ servers in line with our KVM range which already uses this type of server.

I like the idea of an SSD can I switch from SATA to SSD?

Yes. Before we make our SSD space available to new customers all users on our OpenVZ network will have the option to switch to SSD technology for a flat fee of an extra £5 per month on the condition your plan currently has 99.9GB of space or less. Anything over this amount of space you will be charged an extra fee of £10 per month.

Users who wish to take up this offer should contact our sales team before your migration date listed below so we can make sure your server is placed on the correct hard drive.

When is this going to happen?

We have produced a timetable which will mean all users are migrated by the 12th of May 2017. Users in Germany will be the first to be migrated followed by France then the UK and finally users in the USA & Canada. The timetable is subject to change. We will post further updates via the blog

Germany > 1st – 2cd May 2017

France > 3rd – 4th May 2017

UK > 8th – 9th May 2017

USA & Canada > 10th – 11th May 2017

Special Information for cPanel users

We understand that migrating cPanel servers isn’t always as straightforward as it should be, 60% of our users use cPanel so, our support team will migrate all information for you and ensure your service is exactly as it was on the old network. End users should not need to do anything after the migration but carry on as normal.

Update 04/05/2017

We are pleased to advise our upgrade schedule is running ahead of what we thought it would be and all servers in Germany and France have now been upgraded to the new network a total over 282 servers have been upgraded in 4 days. We are now bringing forward the schedule for the UK and USA servers. UK servers will be upgraded starting today 04/05/2017 followed by USA servers which will then complete all of the upgrades

Update 05/05/2017

Please be aware of the new control panel URL, whilst the old URL will still work this now displays outdated information. Shortly the old URL will cease to work. You can access your control panel for virtual server by navigating to This URL only displays the servers which have been upgraded to the new network. If you are missing any information please contact our support team as a matter of urgency.

Update 05/06/2017

Users should be aware the IP block is about to be migrated to a different part of the network due to an IP shortage. As no users should be using this IP block now there will be no interruption in any services

Update 08/05/2017

The IP blocks,, are about to be migrated to another part of the network, as no users should now be using these blocks there should be no interruption in services

Update 10/05/2017

Any customers needing a pass of their old server and an additional restore to the new network will need to request these within the next two days (by 12th May 2017). After this, all information on the old host-nodes will be lost. It won’t be possible to access any of your old information so it’s important you contact our support team should you need any further data from your old virtual servers

Important updates will be posted to this blog post so please bookmark this post

Notice of intention to upgrade service (OpenVZ Network)
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