Monitor ftp connections to your cPanel account

Monitor FTP connections to your cPanel account

cPanel includes the great feature of being able to monitor FTP connections to your cPanel account. This is a great feature if you allow anonymous ftp uploads or you have given someone access to your cPanel account via FTP. If for example, you are allowing access to a 3rd party user of company, you should always;

  • Only allow access to the folders they require
  • Always create them a separate FTP account
  • Try to avoid giving them your account password or root password

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You can restrict what access a user has by specifying a folder when creating an FTP account for them.  This minimizes the risk of other files being changed or deleted by mistake. You can also monitor what they are doing once they log in via FTP. From cPanel in the search bar type “FTP connections” and click the FTP connections link.monitor ftp connections

On this page, you see a list of current people logged into your site via FTP and what they are doing. In our example, you can see we are logged in via FTP. The current status is IDLE so that tells us we are logged in but doing nothing and, under the actions section we can disconnect this user from the server if we wish. This screen also displays the users current IP address and what process the FTP connection is running under. You can use this information to ban the IP address if required in your server’s firewall

Monitor ftp connections to your cPanel account
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