Installing your OS for the first time

We are currently trialing a new way of delivering our dedicated servers to customers. In the past, we would deploy your requested Operating System to your server before activating the service for you in the client area. This added about 30 minutes to the delivery time of dedicated servers to our customers so, we have now developed a way for customers to deploy their own Operating System to servers which have just been purchased.

Some things to remember before we start

  • You must reboot the server once you activate the install system
  • You will need to copy the root password to the server which is displayed once you have chosen your Operating System
  • Wait 30 minutes once rebooting the server for the Operating System to install, no further notifications are sent at this time


Once your server is ready to be installed you will receive a welcome email stating the servers IP address and any additional IPs or subnets attached to the server. Once you receive this email login to the client area and choose the server in question. The dedicated server control panel (DSCP) will then open.  Select the “Reinstall Linux” option. If you are deploying Windows to this server a separate button for Windows Operating System will appear


On the Operating System install page choose the required Operating System and activate the install for this dedicated server. If your required Operating System is not listed just submit a ticket to our support team who can install a variety of Operating System versions for you. We’re adding more to the list you can deploy yourself all time.



Once the install is activated the DSCP will generate a root password for this server, make a note of the password, this is the only time you will be given the root password for the server. If you lose it please contact support.



Now, all that is left to do is to reboot the server and the install will start. Notice the status of the server has now changed to “Linux Installation Active”, Click the red “reboot button”



On the reboot page, you are greeted with a number of reboot options for this server. You want to select the “Automatic Hardware Reboot” option  Select it and click reboot.



This server will now install the requested Operating System within 30 Minutes. It usually actually only takes up to 15 minutes to complete but, we require that you wait at least 30 minutes before submitting a ticket to our support team in the event that you can’t connect to the server using ssh. The port is always 22. In the next version, we will be introducing a VNC console that will enable you to install legacy Operating System options, email notifications of reboots and reinstalls plus further more detailed metrics for the server.

Installing your OS for the first time
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