How to install cPanel, CSF and DDOS Deflate Automatically

How to install cPanel, CSF and DDOS Deflate Automatically

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel in the industry. Used by millions of reseller web hosts, businesses and the average joe cPanel is easy to use and is supported by a dedicated cPanel team. Couple CSF with cPanel and you have a powerful control panel and firewall in one. CSF is a firewall which allows you to easily secure your server by closing ports and banning rogue IPs. DDOS Deflate bans IPs that have over a set amount of connections to your server, helping to prevent a single IP flooding your server with requests. In an average week, First2Host setup around 25 cPanel servers and we have created an easy to use installer that will install cPanel, CSF and DDOS Deflate to your server leaving just the configuration of the software to complete.

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Users can use our in-house setup script if they wish. You will need either a vps server or dedicated server to complete this with root access. Our installer will first install Perl then cPanel followed by CSF and finally DDOS Deflate.

Just copy the below link into your ssh terminal and the program will do the rest.

wget; sh

NOTES: Serves must have a valid hostname before you start the install

You must not run this on a server with cPanel already installed

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How to install cPanel, CSF and DDOS Deflate Automatically
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