How to setup your Windows VPS

How to setup your Windows VPS

It’s easy to setup your Windows VPS once you have purchased a Windows VPS and license. From your control panel, you can install your desired os then continue to use a remote desktop application to connect to your server. For security, we only allow users to first install their os from our control panel. This prevents other users connecting to your VPS whilst it’s awaiting its configuration.

Some browsers no longer support Java so we advise you use Internet Explorer or Edge to configure the operating system on your Windows VPS server. First, you will need to add a security exception in the Java control panel but before that let’s make sure you have the latest version of Java on your machine.

Navigate to the best version of Java for your system will be displayed, Download and install.

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Next, from your computer’s start menu click Java > Configure Java (You can also use the search function on your computer by typing “Configure Java”)

Java Configuration setup your Windows VPSOnce the Java console has loaded navigate to the “security” tab at the top

This is where you will add a security exception to allow your computer to connect to our VNC console.

Click “Edit Site List”

In the domain, field add


Click save then you can close the security console

Next, if you already have Internet Explorer or Edge open you will need to close them and restart the browser then navigate to your control panel at

Log in to your account and click VNC

The page should now load with the VNC console which will allow you to install your chosen OS.

Continue to deploy your os and once done your Window VPS server will reboot. you won’t need to connect again, our console will do this for you. You should now see the os completing the install. Continue to setup the vm. You will need your product key which you should of already purchased. If asked select “home network”


That’s the first part of the setup completed. You should now have an OS on your virtual server but you will noticed there is no internet connection. Read our next guide to configure the correct internet settings and the rdp protocol

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How to setup your Windows VPS
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