First2Host Discount Structure For Multiple Services

First2Host Discount Structure For Multiple Services

As of today 16/08/2017, we are applying new discount terms and conditions for users who apply for a personal discount code for use on First2Host products and services. Customers who have met any of the following conditions can apply for a discount code registered to them.

You have 5 or more VPS Servers priced over £20 each per month
You have 5 or more active Dedicated Servers
You have been a customer for more than 24 months and you have had an active service throughout this time
You have more than 100 Domain Names in your account which are active

If you meet any of these conditions you can apply for a personal discount code which can be used on the following products and services

SATA Web Hosting
SSD Web Hosting
SSD Reseller Web Hosting
SATA Web Hosting
Linux VPS Servers
Windows VPS Servers
Linux Dedicated Servers
Windows Dedicated Servers
cPanel Account Backups
SnapShot Backups

The discount structure, if you qualify, will be as follows;

5 or more active VPS servers over £20 each per month - 5% discount
5 or more dedicated servers - 5% discount
A customer for more than 24 months with a continuous active service - 5% discount

The discount structure will increase the more services you have active and the longer you are an active customer. Once you reach 10 VPS servers priced over £20.01 /month or 10 Dedicated servers your discount will increase to 10%. There are no further discounts available for long term customers with lower priced services other than the 5% discount after 24 months.

Customers who reach 20 VPS servers each priced over £15.01 per month or 15 dedicated servers will keep the 10% discount but this will be backdated to every service which is active in your account so if you have 20 dedicated servers active your 10% discount can be applied to all 20 dedicated servers regardless of when they were purchased. You can also opt to increase your discount to 15% but this can not be backdated. It will only be active for new services purchased after your promotion rate increase.

Once issued with a discount code you can only request this is backdated to other services once you reach the required VPS or dedicated volumes. If you request a 5% discount this can only be applied to new services as can the 10% discount until you reach 20 services.

Discount codes can only be used by yourself. We already record what ISPs our customers use. If you purchase services from a different ISP we may contact you to request verification this is you ordering. Promotional fraud will result in all active discounts being removed from your account and an invoice will be raised to recover the discounts previously applied to your personal discount code. Please ensure you keep your code safe and private and only yourself uses it.

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First2Host Discount Structure For Multiple Services
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