Get started with your Fedora Mate live desktop

Get started with your Fedora Mate live desktop

Fedora Mate live desktop is a lightweight desktop solution for Linux servers, it’s a continuation of the old GNOME 2 project. We’re going to be compiling Mate desktop into a range of operating system distributions and our first is Fedora. You can easily use our Fedora Mate live ISO distributions to mount the image and then run on your server.

Due to restrictions with OpenVZ, .iso files can only be run on KVM nodes so, to use Fedora Mate live desktop you will need a KVM based virtual server. Any KVM Linux server on our network can use Linux .iso files. To use a .iso file on your KVM virtual server you will need to mount the image and then reboot the server. Once the server reboots if you already have an operating system deployed to your server you will be asked which operating system you want to boot into. To access the desktop, select Fedora Mate Live. You will need to use the VNC from your client area to make your choice.

Step One – Add a security Exception

Because the VNC is Java based you will need to use a browser that supports Java and to add a security exception to your Java settings on your local PC to allow you to connect to your virtual server for the first time. We have blogged about how to allow access to the VNC here. When accessing the VNC ALWAYS use Internet Explorer or Edge, Chrome blocks Java and cannot be used.

Step Two – Mount Your ISO

Once you have added the security exception mount the Fedora Mate Live image. You can do this from the client area or from the virtual server control panel. We’re just going to cover the client area here. Navigate to your virtual server located at Select the server in question then at the bottom of the virtual servers control panel you will see two options “BOOT ORDER” and “ISO”, Select ISO then Fedora Mate Live x64. Click ok to mount the image on your server. Once the image is mounted reboot your server.

Fedora Mate Live Desktop










Step Three – Connect using the VNC

Next, all you need to do is connect to your new desktop. As we have created a live version of the Mate environment there is no need to run any install of the operating system, it will work directly from the Fedora Mate Live image. To access the Java VNC, from the control panel in the client area select “CONSOLE” and the VNC application will open. From here you can deploy an RDP program like Team viewer or configure access from the Windows Remote Desktop application.

















You can install the full OS to your server instead of using the live image by clicking the “install to hard drive” link on the desktop.


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Get started with your Fedora Mate live desktop
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