Edit the cPanel Tweak Settings page using SSH

Edit the cPanel Tweak Settings page using SSH

Sometime you may need to edit the cPanel tweak settings page inside WHM but you may not have access to your server using the GUI. For example, if your SSL settings have changed it’s possible WHM will lock you out of your server and you will need to make changes to the server to gain access again. This us especially true if you have the option “redirect to hostname” activated and you change your server’s hostname to something that does not resolve correctly. You would get locked out of your server.

You can login to your server using the root account and first, ensure you have nano installed to your server

Yum install nano -y

Next, once installed open up the cpanel.config file;

nano /var/cpanel/cpanel.config

cPanel Tweak Settings














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From here you can see the list of options that would normally be displayed in WHM when clicking on the “tweak settings” link. You can enable and disable option’s here by swapping the values assigned to features for example;

To disable forces SSL logins, change the line requiressl=1 to requiressl=0 or, to change the maximum amount of emails accounts can send per house change the line maxemailsperhour=100

After you have made the required edits remember to enable your new settings always restart cPanel by issuing the command;


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Edit the cPanel Tweak Settings page using SSH
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