Automatic dedicated server monitoring by First2Host

 Automatic dedicated server monitoring by First2Host

Version 3.1 of the dedicated server control panel includes dedicated server monitoring. Activated by default when your server is delivered our monitoring servers will monitor specific ports on your dedicated server to ensure your server is online. We monitor ports 21, 22, 25, 80 as standard but you can enter your own ports to monitor from the control panel.

To setup custom dedicated server monitoring login to your client area and navigate to the services page

Click the service you wish to add or change the dedicated server monitoring protocols on then click the right arrow and then “monitoring” here you can enter your custom ports to monitor. We ping the ports to ensure they are online every minute. If one appears down, we will email you to let you know.

dedicated server monitoring

What do I do when I receive a monitoring email?

In the email, we will provide you with a log of what has happened. If a port or your server is down, we will send you an email to tell you it’s offline and also schedules a technical support representative to visit your server to diagnose the problem. But the time you receive the warning email we should already be looking at your server but it can take up to 30 minutes for us to get to your server during busy times.

Dedicated Server Hosting

When we are at your server we will diagnose what is wrong and one of two things will happen.

  • We notice a hardware fault. In these cases, we will replace the hardware and reboot your server so it is online. In the case of failed hard drives, these will be removed and you have the option of purchasing the hard drive. We can’t guarantee the hard drive will be accessible but we understand you may want to try and retrieve information from it. In the case of a failed drive and you have raid activated which is activated in all servers as standard we will mount your secondary drive and place the new drive as your raid drive.
  • The hardware checks out and is functioning fine. In these cases, we will reboot your server in rescue mode and you will receive access details by email. From here you can log in to the server and mount your primary drive to make changes to your software configuration. We will not offer assistance for software related issues unless you have cPanel and a management plan. If required, you can perform a full OS install from the control panel.

The monitoring email we send out is generic. At the bottom of each email will be the log file. If you have received an email saying your server is offline, then you receive another one saying its offline make sure you check the log at the bottom of the email. The log might actually state the server is back online and no action is required. This will be changed in V3.2 to include an offline email warning and a back online email warning.


Dedicated Server Hosting

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Automatic dedicated server monitoring by First2Host
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