How to create and download or ftp a cPanel backup

How to create and download or ftp a cPanel backup

You can create a full or partial backup of your cPanel account at any time by logging into your cPanel account.  Once logged in, in the search bar type “backup” then click the “backup wizard

cPanel Backup Wizzard




On the first page of the cPanel backup wizard you will need to decide if you want to create a backup or restore a backup. We’re creating a backup so Click “Backup”. by default you cannot restore a cPanel backup on a server if you have a reseller or web hosting account. This needs to be completed by us. You can restore databases and email accounts.


cPanel Backups




Next, decide what type of backup you want, a full backup is exactly that a full backup of your cPanel account as it is now. The full backup can be used to restore your account on another server. A partial backup can be used to download a database or email accounts files. We’re going to create a full backup so, click the “full backup” button.

cPanel Download backup




On the next page you’re asked where you want to store this backup. Select “home directory” and click create. Once the server has completed the backup it will be located in your home directory ready for download.

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Create a full cPanel backup and send it to another server via ftp

The backup system on cPanel also has the ability to package up the account and send the complete backup to another server, this is useful if your account is large and you’re moving to a new server. Select “remote FTP server”

Create a cPanel Full or Partial Backup












Enter the remote ftp server details. Most providers don’t block ftp connections for obvious reasons but we have come across a few that utilize a whitelist. This isn’t fool proof and if this doesn’t work as a last restore you can use a Windows desktop or Linux Desktop to login via ftp and download and upload the backups to your new server.

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How to create and download or ftp a cPanel backup
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