How to fix unlimited quotas on a cPanel OpenVZ Virtuozzo VPS

Fix cPanel unlimited quotas

cPanel on OpenVZ Virtuozzo servers needs second level quotas enabled for users to be set a quota limit. If second level quotas are not enabled, then users will be able to use an unlimited amount of space on the virtual server. To fix this you need access to the host node the server is running on. You cannot fix cPanel unlimited quotas if you only have root access to the virtual server.  You should contact your virtual server provider or, purchase a VPS from First2Host which includes free cPanel setup and migrations.

First, stop the container, replace VMID with the ID of the container

vzctl stop VMID

Next, enable second level quotas, don’t worry about the value here, vzquota will calculate the correct quota limit based on the space assigned to the virtual machine. Replace VMID with the ID of the container

vzctl set VMID --quotaugidlimit 500 --save


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Next start the virtual server again, replacing VMID with the container ID

vzctl start VMID

cPanel unlimited quotas






Once the container is mounted enter the container and issue the fix scripts command, the server will generate the quotas and when you now look at accounts they will have quotas enabled.

vzctl enter VMID

Then issue the quotas command



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How to fix unlimited quotas on a cPanel OpenVZ Virtuozzo VPS
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