How to create a cPanel MYSQL database and user

How to create a cPanel MYSQL database and MYSQL user 

If you are manually uploading a program like WordPress instead of using our automatic installers, then you’re likely going to need a MYSQL database. We always advise you use the automatic installers to deploy applications. These also give you the ability to backup and restore sites with a few clicks, they also auto update to ensure your patched for the latest security fixes.


How to create a cPanel MYSQL database in cPanel


cPanel MYSQL DataBase

First login to your cPanel account and, at the top in the search bar type MYSQL and click the MYSQL database icon. From this page, you can create a database and add a user to that MYSQL database.




create mysql database

Next, create the database, fill out the fields, the database can be called anything but choose something that’s hard to guess. Finally click the create button.





Linux VPS Server

create mysql user


Next on the same page, create a MYSQL user, again you can call the user anything but choose something hard to guess, don’t use names like user or database. Always use the password generator to create your database password. Using this feature will create a strong password




Finally add the user you just created to the new database you created, make sure you assign the user all of the privileges displayed unless your install instructions say otherwise. You now have a MYSQL database and a user which you can use to add to your WordPress install or other application


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How to create a cPanel MYSQL database and user
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