How to run cPanel backups manually using ssh

How to run cPanel backups manually using ssh

Sometimes you may wish to backup a single account or your whole cPanel server using ssh. There are currently two different types of backup systems in use in cPanel legacy backups and the new backup system. Most older servers will still be using the legacy backup option whilst new servers will usually be using the new backup system. We’re only going to cover the new backup system here to complete this you will need to be logged in as the root user or a user who has root privileges. You can run cPanel backups manually using ssh

For the new backup system on cPanel dedicated or VPS servers

Login as root and issue the below command. This runs the backup server wide

  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup

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If your backups are set to run on a different day then the above command won’t work and you will need to force cPanel to run the backups by;

  • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup --force

If you want to watch the backup run from the console you can then issue the below command followed by the backup log file name now displayed in the console

  • tail -f bacvkup93472374854.txt

If you only want to backup a single account then you can use the /scripts/pkgacct feature by issuing the below. Make sure you replace [username] with the cPanel user name to backup. You can also use the –force argument to force the backup to run

  • /scripts/pkgacct [username]

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How to run cPanel backups manually using ssh
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