Connecting your Windows VPS to the Internet and allowing RDP

Now you have your os installed you should still be in the vnc console you used to setup the machine you will notice it has no outside internet access. All that’s needed is a few settings in the Internet connection tabs to connect your server to the outside world and finally allow remote desktop connections.

VM No InternetSo first right click on the internet icon which should be displaying a yellow warning symbol, then click open network and sharing center



Windows Internet Connection Next Click “Local Area Connection” then “Properties”






tcp/ipv4From the list of connections click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)







IPv4 Settings Windows VMNow here are the Internet settings for your Windows VPS server. You need to populate the fields with the correct information.

Select “Use the following IP address”

In the IP address field enter the IP address of your virtual machine

In the subnet mask field enter

In the default gateway enter the gateway for your Ip address

(Note: The gateway is different for each subnet we use therefor if you don’t know the gateway for your subnet login to your client account at navigate to Services then select your Windows virtual server. The gateway will be listed in the IP address field. If it does not connect our support team who will be able to provide it)

Once you have the gateway in the correct place move down to the DNS setting area and change the setting so it matches our example here. We are using Google’s dns servers but you can use different ones if you wish.

After that’s complete click “ok” to close the Internet settings




Internet Connected Windows VPSAfter a few seconds, you should notice the connection is now live and connected to the internet.


Allowing Remote Desktop Connections (RDP)

Screenshot_27 You should still be in the control panel so in the search box at the top right type “remote”

Then in the list below click “allow remote access to your computer”

In the box that appears at the bottom select “allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop”

Click OK

You should now be able to use the remote desktop feature in Windows to connect to your new Windows VPS server.







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Connecting your Windows VPS to the Internet and allowing RDP
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