Use a C-Class SEO IP to improve your seo and domain authority

Use a C-Class SEO IP to improve your SEO and domain authority

We have a number of C-Class SEO IP available for customers to purchase and use. These can be routed to reseller accounts, used for Linux virtual servers or Windows VPS servers. We can also route these C-Class IPs to your dedicated server if you use the new dedicated server control panel.

C-Class IPs are used mainly for SEO reasons, although maybe not as important as they once were C-Class SEO IP still plays an important part of any serious SEO conscious webmaster. say multiple links into your site from different c class IPs improve rankings. If you own a PBN network or have blogs, then these IPs are ideal for you.

We have the following ranges available

  • 192.95.10.X (Block fully rented)
  • 192.99.191.X
  • 192.99.127.X (Block partially rented)
  • 198.50.253.X
  • 198.50.222.X
  • 198.50.229.X (Block fully rented)
  • 198.50.180.X (Block fully rented)

Fedora Mate Live Desktop

You can order C-Class SEO IPs from your client area, by contacting us on live chat or by submitting a ticket to our sales team. C Class IPs are charged at £10 /month per IP. You must have an active service with us or a pending order to purchase these. To order from your client area hover over the “services” tab then select addons.

C-Class IPs are compatible with the following services


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Use a C-Class SEO IP to improve your seo and domain authority
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