Dedicated Server Control Panel

The Dedicated Server Control Panel (DSCP)

Our control panel is designed with you, the end user in mind. The idea being if we supply our customers with all of the tools they need to do the tasks they want to then that only helps everyone with lower waiting times for support tickets and our customers don’t have to wait for us.  The dedicated server control panel or, Dedicated Server Control is a work in progress project. We’re constantly adding new features which are requested by our users. The latest version of the control panel includes ip routing, one of our most popular requests.  From when your server is delivered you will have access to up to date statistic and information

Managing all aspects of your dedicated server is important to you and to us. Using the Dedicated Server Control you can reboot your server at any time or, what about a reinstall? You can reinstall your server with over 100 different OS versions and bundled packages. We’ve created a range of popular operating systems bundled in with applications like Plesk, cPanel and OwnCloud. Reinstalling is easy! Just select your required OS, set your hostname and activate the install. Once the install has finished you will receive the server login detail by email and to your client area history for safe keeping.

Using rescue mode, you can use our network images to boot your server which can give you access to a server which is offline due to configuration problems with the networking. If you’re working inside your server and make a mistake and lose the connection, you now have a way of reverting any changes you have made without having to reinstall the whole dedicated server

From the Dedicated Server Control Panel before installing your Operating System you can modify the way the server is setup. You can add and remove partitions, change the size of partitions and enable or disable software raid. As standard all servers are delivered with Raid 1 enabled. You can disable this and enjoy the usage of any second hard drive deployed to your server

Dedicated Server Hosting

46% of our dedicated server customers have more than one server with us so, the ability to move subnets between servers was our second most popular request of 2016. This features was implemented in December 2016. If you have servers in the same location, you can move subnets between servers as many times as you like for free. From the IP listing page, you can create router based firewall rules, enable saved rules or deleted rules. Each IP on the network has this feature. If our IP has been flagged up as sending spam you can also unblock port 25 from here

We already monitor every server on the network. In most cases, we will know your server is offline before you do! We change HTTP, SSH, and DNS ports for connectivity if one of these fails we will automatically send you an email and also send someone to visit your server usually within 15 minutes. If we detect a software defect your server will be booted in rescue mode if there is a hardware fault we will replace the part for you. You can keep up with technical support information from the Technical Support Log. You can add additional monitoring in to the DSCP and we will also monitor those protocols for you.


The Dedicated Server Control is available on all server in the United States, Canada and France. All OpenStack VPS Servers, RC/2 SSD VPS Servers and Cloud VPS Servers work off the Dedicated Server Control but different options are available for vps servers. We’re working to bring the full control panel to servers in Germany so not all options are currently available in this location but basic options like reinstalling and rebooting or packaged operating systems are avaliable.

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