First2Host dedicated server control panel V3.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.2 of the dedicated server control panel. This version includes bug fixes and new features including the ability to route IP blocks between servers located in the same Datacentre. We have updated the control panel interface and renamed some of the options like the “power” tab which is now “administration”, this was causing confusion for some users. Service monitoring emails are now also being sent and received correctly. We’re going to be improving the monitoring email function in v3.3 to include two separate email templates, one for if your server goes offline with a log of what’s happened and one for when your server is back online. At the moment, we are using a generic template.  Also, upcoming in v3.4 you will have the ability to create a firewall directly on the network from the dedicated server control panel.

Fixes v3.2 – 12/01/2016

  • Compromised server warnings now sending
  • Service monitoring emails now sending
  • DDOS email warning now contains a log of the attacking IPs with traffic statistics
  • DDOS protection upgraded to 100GBPS
  • You no longer have to reboot your server to activate OS installs
  • Control panel English language updates
  • Ubuntu 14.04 OS Image fixes
  • Added CentOS 7 + cPanel / WHM Image
  • Added ability to route IPs between dedicated and RC/2 VPS servers. Servers must be in the same location

Dedicated Server Hosting

Thank you to everyone who has suggested features for the control panel. Routing IPs between servers is a user requested feature which we are happy to give you. Please keep your comments and suggestions coming in, we evaluate each and everyone one, where possible we will provide the features you request.

First2Host dedicated server control panel V3.2 released
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Dedicated Server Control Panel

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