Cryptocurrency Mining With NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080

The ultimate mining rig for any serious cryptocurrency miner. Including 4x NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 GPU cards and 2x Intel Xeon E5-2667v3 CPUs and 64GB of DDR-3 EEC 2400MHz Ram. Mine any cryptocurrency or mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Limited stock availability in North America and Europe.

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Cryptocurrency Mining

First2Host offer a range of dedicated servers which can be used to mine cryptocurrency. We offer two types of servers. CPU and GPU. GPU dedicated servers have dedicated video cards that will handle your cryptocurrency mining. Based on NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1080 GPU cards these will produce more currency for you but also cost more. CPU dedicated servers just use the dedicated servers CPU to mine cryptocurrency and do not produce as must cryptocurrency but are the cheaper option.

Discounts for multiple servers can be assigned to customers with five or more dedicated servers in their account. Please contact our Billing team for a personal discount code once you have the required level of servers.

Cryptocurrency Mining Features:

CPU Cryptocurrency Mining

GPU Cryptocurrency Mining

99.99% Uptime Guarantee and SLA

Windows or Linux Operating Systems

Control Panel To Manage Your Server

Easy Setup Guides Get you Mining in Minutes

Cryptocurrency Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Make Processor Frequency Hard Drives RAM SPEED GPU Card Monthly Build
E3-1245v2 4c/8t 3.4 GHz Multiple Options Multiple Options 1 GBPS N/A £44.99 Configure
i7-3770 4c/8t 3.4 GHz 1x 240GB SSD 16 GB
1 GBPS N/A £49.99 Configure
2x E5-2667v3 16c/32t 3.2 GHz 2x 480GB SSD 64 GB
1 GBPS 4x GTX 1080 £1,399 Configure

Manage Your Dedicated Server From Your Client Area!

All of your First2Host services can be managed from the client area. Monitor your dedicated servers connection, Reinstall your Operating System. Add rDNS entries and switch software raid off. Route your IP blocks between dedicated servers and set up load balancing. Use KVM/IP to connect to your server directly from your client area. With automated monitoring emails and automated DDOS protection as standard First2Host dedicated servers are reliable and carry all of the features you need to manage your dedicated server.

Latest OS Versions

First2Host compiles and updates it's own Operating System images. We use the very latest releases like CentOS 7, Ubuntu 17 and Debian 9. Reinstall your Linux or Windows Dedicated Server from the client area. Unlimited reinstalls included each month. Use the KVM/IP to access your server locally on the network to revert any changes you have made which has caused your server to go offline.

14 IP Locations

First2Host uses Geographic IPs on most dedicated server plans. Choose from over 14 IP locations for your Dedicated Server. Choose from Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland and more. Using a cPanel Dedicated server from First2Host? Use Geographic IPs to place websites in multiple locations around the world from the same server. Just contact our sales team for advice.

Windows Server

Windows Server Operating Systems are available for all First2Host dedicated servers. We run Windows 10 desktop images and Windows server 2012 and now Windows Server 2016 too. Just order your required Operating System from the order page and we will complete the rest for you. Usually First2Host we will setup Windows Server for you so you can RDP straight into them. You can also use KVM/IP from the client area.

cPanel Dedicated Provider

Over 500 users trust First2Host with their cPanel servers. We can offer advice on the best equipment that will work for your project and budget. We're on live chat if you require any advice. Choose a Dedicated Server with SSD storage for mega fast page loading speeds! First2Host can setup and migrate accounts into your cPanel dedicated server within 24 hours.