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Configure An NVMe VPS Server With An Extra 10% Off For Life...

NVMe storage uses PCIe slots inside the server to speed up the delivery of information to the end user, unlike SSD devices that typically use SATA connections to transfer information. This increases the speed of websites by up to 30% over traditional SSD storage. Configure an NVMe VPS server with the resources that you require and get an extra 10% off recurring discount applied at checkout. No code required. Geographic IPs available in 14 locations.

Configure NVMe VPS Server

High Quality, Fast and Reliable Linux and Windows VPS Servers

A VPS Server is a section of a large dedicated server assigned to you. You share the rest of the dedicated server with other users. VPS Servers are the ideal and logical next step up from a shared web hosting account or even a reseller web hosting account. A cheap VPS Server will do most basic tasks whilst better powered VPS Servers will perform better. Look out for our special cPanel VPS plans which include a free cPanel VPS license and complete setup with migrations in to your new VPS.

Choose between Virtuozzo or KVM virtualization, each with their own benefits. Choose KVM for complete Kernel control or Virtuozzo for a lightweight, responsive server. For added speed increases choose an SSD VPS Server or now an NVMe VPS Server. Whatever virtualization type you pick your information is secure and only accessible by you. Delivery is instant on all vps servers but any additional IPs you choose will be assigned manually by our team.

First2Host uses Geographical IPs routed to your server which allows our Virtuozzo VPS customers to choose the location of their VPS server and content. Your IP location could be Spain, France, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy or many more. Assign additional IPs from different countries to your server to host content in multiple places around the world from a single server. Ideal if you run a cPanel VPS and want to offer geographical web hosting or if you have a PBN!

Features Overview:

Xeon E5-2630v3 Nodes

New Xeon E3-1270v6 NVMe Nodes

SnapShot Backups

Windows or Linux

Client Area Remote Controls

Offsite Seperate Control Panel

Virtuozzo, KVM or OpenStack KVM

High Performance, Impeccable Reliability

Sata, Sata SSD, PCIe NVMe Storage

Geographical IPs on Virtuozzo Servers

1 vCore to 29 vCores on E5-2630v3 Linux Servers

cPanel NVMe VPS Server And a Free cPanel License

Looking for a fast and responsive cPanel VPS Server with page loading speeds as low as half a second? Choose our Virtuozzo SSD NVMe cPanel VPS package with CentOS 7 and Mod_PageSpeed. Running Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 CPUs these NVMe VPS Servers are a whopping 70% faster than SATA VPS Servers and 30% faster than traditional SSD VPS Servers. We're including free 24-hour set up by our support team and migrations in if you have other cPanel accounts elsewhere. Choose from over 14 IP locations and assign extra resources as required.

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It's Time To Create Your Own Perfect Cheap VPS Plan

Instead of standard VPS plans which could leave you with excessive resources that you will never use our order system will allow you to create your own VPS Server plan tailored to your needs. Build a Linux Virtuozzo VPS Server with your choice of Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 vCores, up to a maximum of 29. Choose how much Ram your VPS Server requires, what connection speed your VPS Server should have and of course, NVMe, SSD or SATA space. Choose your Operating System and attach IPs from different countries all from the order page. To get started just choose your virtualization flavour below.

OpenStack KVM SSD VPS Servers are now available in multiple countries around the world. Route your IPs between your VPS Servers and fully control your OpenStack VPS from the client area. With Automated spam protection, 200 TB DDOS Protection and Anti-Hack monitoring plus the ability to route IPs from 14 different countries worldwide to your OpenStack VPS these servers are perfect for SEO. Now available in Sydney, Singapore, Poland, France and Canada.

Virtuozzo SSD VPS

Starting From
£4.99 p/m

Virtuozzo SATA VPS

Starting From
£3.99 p/m

Free Blacklist & Heartbeat Tracking With All VPS Servers

Track your additional IPs for inclusion in the major RBL blacklists and get notified instantly by email and SMS message if your IPs are ever blacklisted. Monitor your servers Heartbeat and get alerted if your server is ever offline. Just add free monitoring on the order page to claim your Blacklist & Heartbeat tracking.


Starting From
£4.99 p/m


Starting From
£5.99 p/m

KVM Windows VPS

Starting From
£19.99 p/m

Latest OS Versions

First2Host compiles and updates it's own Operating System images. We use the very latest releases like CentOS 7, Ubuntu 17 and Debian 9. Reinstall your Linux or Windows VPS Server from the client area or from the offsite control panel. Unlimited reinstalls included each month. Use the VNC to access your server locally on the network to revert any changes you have made.

14 IP Locations

First2Host uses Geographic IPs on all OpenVZ SATA and OpenVZ SSD VPS Plans. Choose from over 14 IP locations for your VPS Server. Choose from Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland and more. Using a cPanel VPS from First2Host? Use Geographic IPs to place websites in multiple locations around the world from the same server.

Linux KVM Desktop VPS

Looking for a Linux KVM desktop solution? We have MATE desktop .ISO files ready to be mounted to your Linux KVM VPS Server. Just use the client area control panel to mount your required version of MATE. Choose from Debian Mate, Fedora Mate and now Linux Centos 7 KDE Desktop is also ready to be used. Once you have mounted your ISO file just reboot your VPS Server.

cPanel VPS Provider

Over 500 users trust First2Host with their cPanel servers. We can offer advice on the best equipment that will work for your project and budget. We're on live chat if you require any advice. Choose an SSD cPanel VPS with Mod_PageSpeed pre-installed for mega fast page loading speeds! First2Host can setup and migrate accounts into your cPanel VPS within 24 hours